The St Elizabeth Home Society, established in 1959, is a not-for-profit Canadian charity supporting those who are experiencing conditions attributable to being aged.

Our Mission: to support those who are experiencing conditions attributable to being aged and by providing accommodation, personal care assistance and geriatric education in accordance with our trademarked care principle. Our beneficiaries are assured of freedom of choice, respect, privacy and as much independence, assistance and stimulation we can give.

Our Vision: to be leaders in the field providing education, supports and services to those who are experiencing conditions attributable to being aged.



Assisting local charities

The St. Elizabeth Home Society is proud to have been able to assist local charities in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. We donated over $500,000 to local charities and assisted St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation and Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation in purchasing equipment and delivering services to vulnerable seniors.

St. Elizabeth Home Society helps Dementia Patients with virtual visits during Covid-19 pandemic

St. Elizabeth Home Society Makes Donation to Help St. Joseph’s COVID-19 Pandemic Needs

Services and supports

Silver Services is a program dedicated to providing older adults, who are experiencing age related ailments, with all the services they would receive as a resident in a retirement home setting while they remain in the comfort of their own homes. Our goal is to provide the proper support systems in an age-in-place environment. We will be offering a wide array of services including quality nursing care, personal care, meal delivery, transportation to and from appointments, grocery shopping and delivery, full-service housekeeping as well as in-home IT support, set-up and training, home maintenance including minor accessibility modifications, pet care, online exercise classes, social activities and companionship.

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Sister Elisabeth Manhertz, Founder

Sister Elisabeth Manhertz founded the St. Elizabeth Home Society in 1956 to emulate, as closely as possible, the work of Saint Elizabeth in aid of the elderly and infirm.

With the assistance of many community supporters, her first task was to establish and run a nursing home in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. Years later, she would continue with her mission and establish the St. Elizabeth Village on Hamilton mountain which began construction in the 1980’s.

Sister Elisabeth embarked on many trails and tribulations throughout her life that helped give her the strength to succeed. To learn more about Sister Elisabeth’s exciting and controversial story, watch the award winning docu-drama illustrating her life’s work.

Watch the award winning docu-drama.

SISTER ELISABETH: THE STRENGTH OF FAITH is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

Stations of the Cross Park

Sister Elisabeth Memorial Chapel, Stations of the Cross


The Stations of the Cross now reside in their new permanent home in the Sister Elisabeth Memorial Chapel,
located across the street in the village at St. Elizabeth Mills, 391 Rymal Road West.


Bishop Tonnos Stations of the Cross Park




Szent Erzsébet Otthon

Szent Erzsebet Otthon (St. Elizabeth Home) was built by Sister Elisabeth to provide affordable independent and assisted living accommodations.
It is located in Pilisvörösvár, Hungary about 15 kilometers northwest of Budapest in the  beautiful setting of the Pilis Mountains.

St. Elizabeth Village

With news of Sister Elisabeth and her mission to help the poor, the old and the infirm, many supporters urged her to establish a living facility for older adults who were not yet  ready for a nursing home. She studied many forms of housing for seniors who couldn’t afford substantial mortgages and found that offering houses on lifeleases with refundable terms was the best option.
In 1981, Sister Elisabeth began construction of the St. Elizabeth Village, a lifeleasing  community located on Hamilton mountain. With over five-hundred homes it became one of the first gated retirement communities in Canada.
In 2014, the St. Elizabeth Home Society sold the St. Elizabeth Village to Novacare Retirement Communities Association, a non-profit company who continues to establish affordable housing for an active senior community while improving its infrastructure, services and amenities.