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Sister Elisabeth Manhertz (1918-2010)

Sister Elisabeth Manhertz was born in Pilisvörösvár, Hungary in the fall of 1918 and joined the Society of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (‘A Népleányok’) in Hungary when she was 17.
During the Second World War, Sister Elisabeth aided her convent and fellow nuns by scouring a war torn land for food and rebuilding their bombed out convent.
In 1949, Sister Elisabeth defied torture and death by crossing minefields and a barbed wire fence on the western border of Hungary to ultimate freedom in Austria. From there she came to Canada to fulfill her Superior General’s instructions to go west to maintain the Order away from the harsh communist regime.
Throughout these trials, Sister Elisabeth maintained her good sense of humour, her kindness and her strength of faith.
That same year Sister Elisabeth arrived in Hamilton, Canada and with the aid of God, kindly benefactors and the teachings of her patron saint, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, she embarked on a mission to provide dignified and affordable housing to those who were elderly, sick and infirm.  It  started with establishing a nursing home in downtown Hamilton followed by building a retirement home in Hungary, a second rebuilding of her Order’s convent in Hungary and a pioneering lifeleasing retirement community on Hamilton mountain called the St. Elizabeth Village.
Sister Elisabeth passed away in 2010 surrounded by her fellow Sisters and close friends. Her legacy lives on as the charity she began continues its mission.
To learn more about Sister Elisabeth, watch the award winning documentary.
SISTER ELISABETH: THE STRENGTH OF FAITH is also available on Amazon Prime Video.

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